All of my captivating dreams of living a life wrapped in artistic expression, my spellbinding desires to paint with fabrics and soul and my universal fantasies of Art direction, began to take shape within, whilst I was young and unfiltered, naïve and free. That I recall with clarity.   

Born and bred in Bialystok, a north-east polish city, it surrounded me from the very beginning in the same way beautiful forests surround my home. 

Art, subconsciously drew me in as a child, as I sat and imagined my own Disney characters in great detail, before putting pencil to paper. Our journey continued, taking time and strengthening smoothly, with a true and definite connection being established at the opposite end of an international high school programme. I had arrived. From there onward I selected topics at school that would further enhance my creativity. 

A transformative chapter, initially studying History but eventually transitioning to Make up school where I studied for a year before choosing to specialize further in special effects make-up, gave me the insight, strength and confidence to push myself further into creative circles. Before long I was recruited by the Philharmonic Hall and Opera Hose of Podlahia as a make-up Artist, my first official position within the walls of the world that I loved. 

As time passed, it became crystal clear to me that the only way to truly sink my teeth into this creative universe would be to attend Art School. I yearned for a true baptism so within a year of being at the Opera house, I decided to enrol at the Warsaw School of Arts to study a Degree in Fine Art. I studied whilst still working at the Opera Hose and once my studies were complete, I found that London was calling. I answered her call, and she led me here. 

In my time here in London, I have undertaken and savoured a wholesome variety of creative roles. 

My fascination and now, journey, with the creation of firstly, hand-crafted head pieces and now also, hand-made intricate masks, has led to my finished articles playing their part in a strong list of respected publications such as Vogue, ELLE, L’officiel, LOVE, Schön, Numero, HUNGER, Glamcult etc. 

Fashion has been at the epicentre of my work and creative expression for quite some time now, and yet our journey has only just begun. I’VE grown to  acknowledge and establish, thanks to timeless influences such as ALEXANDER MCQUEEN, that the balanced combination of Fashion, Art and Nature is one that makes me feel complete. 

You could bury me in the ocean or wrap me in a dense forest and I promise you my soul will be happy. There, I find everything that I need. I look forward to continuing to pave my way in fashion combining consciousness, style and ethos. 


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